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Do Homebuyers Have the Right to a Home Inspection? (VIDEO)

Video Abstract:

Greetings, home inspectors! In this video newsletter, Dave Clark investigates the question of whether homebuyers have the right to a home inspection. In recent years, there always seems to be an excuse for not having a home inspection. The excuses started a few years ago with COVID. Today, arguments for bypassing the inspection often come from people who think it will make their offer more attractive in competitive markets. And, in some cases, home sellers are stating that home inspections are not even allowed.

As home inspectors, we understand that the short-sighted incentives for bypassing the home inspection have a strong potential to lead to long-term harm. In this video, Dave provides an overview of this problem, presents some relevant statistics that underlie the issue, and discusses a consumer protection bill (NYS Assembly Bill A8889) that the WNY Alliance of Home Inspectors is currently sponsoring. The bill establishes a homebuyer’s right to an inspection of residential and retail properties.

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