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Inspector Testimonials

Hear what inspectors have to say about InspectCheck

"The thing I like most about InspectCheck is that you can't miss something during your inspection" - MIKE

“I thought I was a great Inspector before using InspectCheck, but it has made me a better inspector… It’s gonna improve your skills, it’s easy to use, the customer care is amazing, and it’s priced perfectly.” - JASON

“Some of the key features that I really enjoy are the ability to edit, add photos, and draw on the reports during the course of an inspection.” - DAVE

“The thing that nobody will ever match is the service they provide… I can’t recommend InspectCheck enough. They are a great product.” - PHIL

"The aspect of the reporting system that I appreciate the most is the feedback I get from my clients. InspectCheck has been making me look good for a long time." - JIM

"InspectCheck is comprehensive, it is user friendly, and from a liability perspective it has my back." - STEVE

"The clients like the usability and simplicity of the InspectCheck report. It is extremely easy to read, and as an inspector it covers everything we need to go over" - TODD

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I like the ease of use and how you cannot complete the report until everything has been addressed. It gives me peace of mind. I also like how everything can be done from multiple devices. is great because of the formatting. It allows you to systematically inspect each home the same and reduces the chances of not inspecting any component

Continuously Updating. Easy To Navigate. The Software Keeps You Right On Track With The Home Inspection. Clients Love The Report Because It Is Easy To Understand. Very Clear And To The Point.

What I like about the software is that it will not let you close out a section unless all items have been checked, this eliminates chances of omitting items.

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