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Inspector Education Resources

InspectCheck’s Free Inspector Training Resources

Check out InspectCheck’s free home inspector training videos, featuring Dave Clark. The videos provide relevant instruction regarding common problems and interesting inspection issues, as well as insights on how to grow your business.

Free ‘Tech Tips’ Newsletter for Home Inspectors

InspectCheck’s free inspector newsletter is a periodic publication that explores relevant educational topics in the inspection industry. Click the link below to sign up for the newsletter and search our database of over 100 articles covering a wide array of home inspection topics for new and experienced inspectors.

InspectCheck’s Free Home Inspector Boot Camp

The Home Inspector Boot Camp is a free online marketing, report writing, and technical training course for home inspectors. Find out the secrets used by successful home inspectors to increase your bottom line.

Click HERE to sign up today and have the free course delivered directly to your inbox.

InspectCheck Tutorial Videos

InspectCheck provides a complete set of tutorial videos for both beginner and advanced users that cover the design and function of the:

  • Dashboard
  • Digital Contracts
  • Digital Report Writer
  • Inspector Webpage Editor
  • Client Billing Tools
  • Client Editing Tools
View Tutorials

InspectCheck Affiliate Partners

Joe Ferry is the preeminent attorney in the home inspection industry. Over the last decade he has responded to over 2,500 claims alone. His mission is to educate inspectors on how to minimize risk and maximize protection from meritless claims.

Navigate to to learn more about Joe’s team and check out ClaimInterceptTM, his proprietary method of early intervention. That covers a home inspector against potential professional liability claims.

Make your business stand out ​with the perfect addition to your InspectCheck inspection report. Centriq helps you stand out by providing your clients with insights into the appliances, heating, cooling, and mechanicals systems in their home.

Simply take a picture of a particular home system and Centriq will provide the homeowner, buyer and their agents with information on the system’s age, warranty, remaining useful life, safety recall status, and more. To learn more, click the button below to navigate to and receive a special InspectCheck rate for new subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, InspectCheck is available directly from our website –

No, InspectCheck works on all computers, tablets, and smartphones that can receive an internet connection. It also works on all web browsers.

No, you can use our paper-based collection form, named InspectNotes, at the inspection site and input the information into your computer at your convenience using all the same great features. InspectNotes can be downloaded from the InspectCheck Dashboard.

This is not a problem. You can continue to complete the inspection report, and all your data will be saved. Once you establish an internet connection, you can save the report to the InspectCheck cloud storage server.

Yes, we have a summary page! The inspector has the ability to customize the content on the summary page.

Check out the InspectCheck tutorials for more information.

We are always here to help you. We provide comprehensive customer service in several forms:

  • The home inspector training videos and articles, software tutorials, and FAQs provide a variety of resources to assist you,
  • New clients will receive a detailed training video and access to our online tutorials,
  • Existing clients will receive periodic messages regarding software updates, and
  • You can email anytime with your questions, and we will respond promptly.

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