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InspectCheck Reporting Software


Organizing made easy.

Stay organized with the InspectCheck Dashboard. The Dashboard simplifies your life by making it easy to manage clients, agents, inspectors reports, and your company information in one simple interface.

With the ability to create pending, in-progress, finalized and archived reports, InspectCheck makes it easy to plan your week, maintain flexibility while on the job, and sleep easy knowing that your reports are secure and available anytime, day or night.

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Digital Contracts

Protect yourself and your client.

Demonstrate your professionalism and attention to detail before you even begin your inspection. InspectCheck’s Digital Contract Tools provide a robust framework for you to clearly outline:

  1. The services you will provide
  2. The costs
  3. The scope and limitations of the proposed work

With the ability to use our standard contract, create your own contract templates, and customize any digital contract onsite, InspectCheck gives you the flexibility to address all your clients needs. Simply select, update, and sign the contract. Then, get to work.

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Digital Report Writer

Sophisticated Content. Simple Interface.

You encounter many challenging problems in the field, but managing a software program should not be one of them. InspectCheck’s interface, designed and tested by professional home inspectors:

  1. Streamlines your data collection
  2. Saves you time
  3. Allows you to focus on what’s important, your job

Professional inspectors know that the devil is in the details. And, that is why experienced inspectors trust InspectCheck’s Explanation of ConditionsTM (EoC). Developed over 20 years based on input from inspectors, industry experts, and language specialists, our EoCs help ensure that your reports are complete, well written, and aligned with all industry and state standards.

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Digital Reports

Once you’ve finished your inspection, put your mind at ease knowing that the inspection report highlights your professionalism and  quality of  work. Take advantage of InspectCheck’s years of experience  knowing that your report:

  • Outlines the objectives and limitations of a home inspection
  • Provides a clear overview of the inspection results
  • Serves as a meaningful resource for your client as long as they own their house
  • Helps protect both you and your client from litigation
Report Components:
  • PDF Report
  • Cover Page
  • Contract
  • An Introduction to a Home Inspection and the Inspection Report
  • Home Inspection Report Summary Sheet
  • Section Content – Diagrams, Pictures, Section & Content Descriptions
  • Comments & Attachments
InspectCheck Report Writer


Wix Administrative Tools

InspectCheck partners with Wix to provide you with a quality, low-cost, solution to your client billing, scheduling, and webpage needs. Together with the InspectCheck Reporting Software, these administrative tools provide an all-in-one solution at a very competitive price.

The process is simple.

Pick a Website Template

Choose one of our custom-designed home inspector webpage templates.

Sign Up

Follow our video tutorials to sign up for Wix, a website building platform and host.

Personalize Your Website

Update the company information on the website template you chose.

Billing and Scheduling

Set the billing and scheduling preferences on your Wix website.


Our templates are designed so you only have to update your information. Our video tutorials walk you through the process. And, if you need help, our support team is available to answer your questions.

Wix Webpage and Scheduling/Billing


Simple Templates to Grow Your Business

Several Sample Template Options are Available to Subscribers

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