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Kickout Flashing Requirements

As home inspectors we understand the importance of kickout flashing. Many times this flashing is omitted, even on new builds. This is important for all siding materials but especially on stucco and EIFS. I have seen a considerable amount of damage on stucco  and EIFS siding because of missing kickout flashing. Having a gutter extended to the house in this area is not alone a solution. I have seen the roofer blame the siding company or vice versa. It is my opinion that the roofer should, as a matter of practice install kickout flashing in all areas where required. Remember kickout flashing, although not specifically named as such is required.  IRC Section R903.2.1 – Flashing – Locations, states: “Flashings shall be installed at wall and roof intersections, wherever there is a change in roof slope or direction and around roof openings. A flashing shall be installed to divert the water away from where the eave of a sloped roof intersects a vertical sidewall. Where flashing is of metal, the metal shall be corrosion resistant with a thickness on not less than 0.019 inch (0.5 mm) (No. 26 galvanized sheet)”. So what should a home inspector address this issue;

  • Kickout flashing should be installed in all areas where the eave of a sloped roof intersects a vertical side wall
  • Kickout flashing is not just required for stucco or EIFS, but for all siding materials
  • Ensure to thoroughly inspect the interior areas where kickout flashing is either installed or omitted
  • Ensure the kickout flashing is long enough to divert water properly away from the siding
  • Ensure the kickout flashing is installed in a manner that does not allow water to enter the wall assembly
  • Kickout flashing must be installed behind the siding and under the roof shingles
  • Ensure the water is being diverted into a gutter or other area and not accumulating in the area where the roof intersects with the sidewall
  • Kickout flashing must be corrosion resistant
  • Ensure step flashing is installed in conjunction and incorporated with kickout flashing
  • Recommend a qualified roofer install kickout flashing in all areas where required

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